Murray Edwards College Christian Union  

If you’re coming up to Murray Edwards in October we’d love to hear from you and be able to help you settle in!

Church Breakfasts

Getting involved in a local church is the best way to grow as a Christian during your time at Cambridge.

So to help you out we’ll be having breakfast together before church on the first few Sundays of Michaelmas term, 9.30-11am (location tbc).

You’ll get the chance to chat to people about the churches they go to and you’ll be able to go along to whichever church you like with a group of people to sit with when you get there!

Eden Baptist Church – service starts at 10am

Holy Trinity Church (HT) – starts at 11.30am

St Andrews the Great (StAG) – starts at 11.30am

There are lots of other churches in Cambridge, so if there is one you particularly want to go to the reps will probably be able to put you in contact with a student from CICCU who goes there!